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The WooCommerce settings section has been divided into three sub-sections: License key delivery, Branding and My account.

Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > License Manager > WooCommerce

License Key Delivery

The “license key delivery” settings section

The “Automatic delivery” setting determines whether license keys will be automatically delivered after the order delivery has been triggered. This is great if you want to run manual checks on the orders before sending out your licenses, however in most scenarios you will probably want to have this setting turned on.

The “Define license key delivery” setting allows the user to individually enable order status on which the license key would be delivered.

The “Stock management” setting enables automatic stock management for WooCommerce products 

Backend Configuration:

Stock Synchronize in Products:

Go to Dashboard > Products > Inventory Tab and enable track stock quantity option.

Go to License Manager Tab, enable sell license keys for this product and sell license keys from available stock option to enable automatic sync of stock.


The “Company Logo” setting allows the user to upload an image which will be displayed on a License Certificate, when it is downloaded by the end-user.

Company Logo impact:

Navigate to My Account > License keys and click on view

Click on the Download button next to certificate, to download the product license certificate.

Now your Company Logo will appear inside the pdf certificate downloaded

My Account

The “Enable License keys” setting allows the user to display License Keys tab on WooCommerce My Account page

Enable License keys impact:

The “User activation” setting allows the user to determine whether the customers should be able to activate their license keys from the “My account” page.

The “User deactivation” setting allows the user to determine whether the customers should be able to deactivate their license keys from the “My account” page.

User activation / deactivation impact:

Click on view button, this will open single license key and show activations table from where you can activate / deactivate your licenses.

The “Enable Certificates” setting allows the user to display the Download button inside the License Keys section in WooCommerce My Account page

Enable Certificates impact:

Click on view then click Download from certificate section to download your license certificate.

License Certificate

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