Modifying response data

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This tutorial will demonstrate how you can modify the REST API response. In this example, we will create an activation object consisting of an ID, the client proxy (should the client be using one), and the client IP address. This activation object will be stored in the license meta when the “Activate license” request has been made. The same methods and techniques shown here can be used to modify any other response. You can even remove response data, by using the PHP unset() method.

To sum everything up, we will demonstrate the following:

  1. Hooking into the lmfwc_rest_api_pre_response filter.
  2. Creating an activation object
  3. Storing our activation object inside the license meta
  4. Adding our activation object back to the response.

The process is rather simple, you need to hook into the lmfwc_rest_api_pre_response filter by using the WordPress method add_filter(). This filter takes 3 arguments. Your code would then look something like this:


[php]function lmfwc_tutorial_modify_response($method, $route, $data) {
    // First check if we are on the correct route
    if ($route !== 'v2/licenses/activate/{license_key}') {
        return $data;
    // Now we will save an activation object for this license/activation. The
    // activation object will be an array consisting of an ID, the proxy (if
    // The remote party is using a proxy), and the user's remote address (IP).
    // Please note that we're just using the PHP "uniqid()" method for the ID,
    // you can of course use something more appropriate.
    $activation = array(
        'id' => uniqid(),
        'http_x_forwarded_for' => $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'],
        'remote_addr' => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
    // Save to the license meta
    lmfwc_add_license_meta($data['id'], 'activation', $activation);
    // Add the $activation variable to the response
    $data['activation'] = $activation;
    // Return the result
    return $data;
add_filter('lmfwc_rest_api_pre_response', 'lmfwc_tutorial_modify_response', 10,
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Modifying response data

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