Top 15 Software License Management Tools in 2024

Businesses of various sizes operate in the digital era, so they must effectively manage software licenses to succeed in the future. Thus, they can optimize software assets smartly and appropriately. Software license management tools are viable options as software licensing agreements, and regulations become more complex daily. 

This extensive guide will discuss the top 15 software license management tools in 2024 that can efficiently revolutionize businesses’ software license management processes. 

What Do You Mean By A Software License Management Tool?

A software license management tool is crucial to software asset management. It allows businesses to monitor software licenses and create records accordingly. 

Similarly, a software license management tool helps organizations or companies properly implement the software. 

Prominent Features of Software License Management Solutions

Fortunately, businesses can take advantage of numerous features offered by software license management solutions and improve their productivity to the next level.

Here are the salient features of software license management (SLM) tools:

  • Compliance Monitoring: Small or large businesses must comply with software license regulations. Software license management tools allow companies to create compliance reports. This way, they can proactively monitor potential risks and issues. 
  • Cost Optimization: Businesses can explore opportunities to optimize software spending by renegotiating contracts based on actual usage. Likewise, they can eliminate unused licenses and significantly reduce software spending. 
  • Monitoring: Software license management tools enable businesses to track the implementation and usage of different software licenses within their workplaces. 
  • License Inventory: License inventory management helps organizations keep records such as the number of licenses bought, license type, and expiration dates. 
  • License Renewal Alerts: Companies working in the digital landscape can receive notifications regarding compliance issues, upcoming license renewals, expirations, etc. Thus, they can control software overspending to a certain extent. 
  • Integration Proficiencies: Businesses should consider using tools that support their IT and software management infrastructure. These tools include procurement and inventory management. 
  • Vendor Relationship Management: Software license management tools can help businesses develop effective vendor relationships. In return, vendors can offer better discounts. 

Top 15 Software License Management Tools in 2024

You can benefit from numerous software license management solutions to appropriately manage different software licenses under one roof. 

These software license management tools are:

1. License Manager for WooCommerce


License Manager for WooCommerce is a comprehensive software asset management (SAM) tool that allows e-commerce businesses to automate their software asset management processes. 

It helps businesses manage their software licenses and enables them to sell software licenses when needed. In addition, License Manager for WooCommerce lets businesses activate and deactivate their licenses remotely. 

Salient Features of License Manager for WooCommerce

  • Businesses can automatically deliver licenses to customers through this tool. 
  • The tool lets businesses add duplicate keys to their databases.
  • It helps companies boost their brand customization efforts as they can incorporate a customized logo on a license certificate. 

2. ManageEngine AssetExplorer


ManageEngine AssetExplorer allows businesses to monitor several software licenses without issues. This impressive licensing tool makes it easy to manage all software license contracts. 

Besides, Manage Engine Asset Explorer lets businesses meet all regulatory standards of software licenses. The tool is handy as it helps companies organize license information under one roof, making the license tracking and management process impactful.    

Salient Features of ManageEngine Asset Explorer

  • The tool helps businesses optimize software usage smartly.
  • Businesses can identify underutilized licenses timely. 
  • It helps businesses reallocate resources and manage costs efficiently.  

3. FlexNet Manager

FlexNet Manager enables businesses to control and manage their software assets smartly. The best thing about this software licensing tool is that it helps small and large business owners monitor their software licenses across their organizations.

This results-driven software licensing tool offers an incredible IT asset management feature that allows businesses to manage software licenses under their budgets. 

Salient Features of FlexNet Manager

  • The tool helps businesses comply with software licensing agreements. 
  • It helps businesses improve productivity and efficiency by simplifying software management tasks. 
  • It supports the SLM (Software License Management) strategy for businesses of varied sizes. You can smartly manage on-premises software licenses and cloud-based applications, making it possible to organize all your software assets.   

4. Software Asset Optimization


Software Asset Optimization is one of the most innovative software licensing tools available. The tool offers a centralized dashboard with an overview of your software asset status. 

Software Asset Optimization should be your preferred choice to improve your existing software license management strategy. 

Salient Features of Software Asset Optimization

  • The tool helps businesses make informed decisions based on accurate software asset management data.
  • Businesses can manage their underutilized software assets through this tool.
  • The tool enables organizations to comply with software compliance regulations.  

5. AssetSonar

AssetSonar allows businesses to track software licenses comprehensively. The tool provides various features, such as license compliance, optimized software spending, and more. 

The tool excels in software license management, enabling companies of different sizes to manage all software license agreements and data in one place.

Salient Features of AssetSonar 

  • The tool is beneficial for organizations that are willing to optimize costs by monitoring license usage. 
  • Businesses can get timely updates regarding license renewals, payments, and expirations.

6. Snow License Manager

Snow License Manager enables businesses to monitor their software usage. The tool lets an organization monitor its numerous software assets trouble-free. 

It also helps companies control and organize multiple software assets with impactful features and a user-friendly interface.

Salient Features of Snow License Manager

  • The tool helps businesses streamline their software inventory management. 
  • The tool allows businesses to proactively identify potential issues related to software compliance regulations. 

7. Quick License Manager

Quick License Manager is another innovative software management tool that uses secure symmetric license keys to safeguard business applications and software. 

Salient Features of Quick License Manager

  • The tool allows businesses to collect helpful information regarding software license usage.
  • The tool helps businesses keep their software licenses up-to-date.  

8. Reprise License Manager

Reprise License Manager is an incredible software license management tool that allows businesses to simplify their software license activation and deactivation processes. 

The reports and insights provided by Reprise License Manager help businesses make informed decisions about licensing strategies. 

Salient Features of Reprise License Manager

  • The tool helps businesses legally comply with software license regulations. 
  • Businesses can streamline their license management processes through its user-friendly interface. 

9. Ivanti License Optimizer

Ivanti License Manager is a result-oriented software licensing tool that enables businesses to comply with licensing regulations and standards. The tool allows companies to monitor software usage and help them optimize their software licenses appropriately. 

Salient Features of Ivanti License Manager

  • The tool is compatible with multiple software vendors and license models. 
  • It helps businesses reduce their costs by avoiding unneeded software purchases.  

10. License Manager by License Dashboard

As a user-friendly IT asset management platform, License Manager by License Dashboard helps companies organize and manage software licenses without issues.   

What makes this software license management tool different from others is its impressive integration capability. Hence, you can easily integrate this tool with your company’s IT infrastructure and smartly import entitlement and inventory data into License Manager.

Salient Features of License Manager

  • The tool allows businesses to build long-term yet results-driven relationships with vendors. Businesses can solve numerous issues in a timely and regularly gain insights into changes in software licensing agreements.  
  • Businesses can keep their software licenses up-to-date and compliant with this software licensing tool.  

11. ServiceNow Software Asset Management

Companies can effectively track software licenses according to their needs through ServiceNow Asset Management software. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes the entire software license management process easy.

The software license management tool provides an engaging Mobile Agent app that enables team members to manage software licenses on the go. 

Salient Features of ServiceNow Software Asset Management

  • The tool allows businesses to monitor and control their software usage.
  • Companies can benefit from its impactful low and no-code integration capabilities. 

12. Zluri

Zluri is a leading SaaS management platform (SMP) that allows businesses to streamline their software license management processes. 

The platform lets organizations monitor all their software assets and licenses in one place. Furthermore, you can instantly discover every single software license with this amazing platform. 

Salient Features of Zluri

  • The tool enables businesses to control their software usage and manage license renewals, allowing them to make informed decisions. 
  • Companies can integrate the tool with other platforms and apps. They can improve their productivity considerably.   

13. USU (Formerly Aspera)

USU, previously known as Aspera, is an impactful SAM (software asset management) platform that uses open system architecture. Its data management and discovery tools, compliance insights, and other features enable you to rightsize your software assets. 

Salient Features of USU

  • The tool helps organizations control and manage their software usage. 
  • This SAM tool lets businesses make strategic decisions and save money.  

14. Alloy Software

Alloy Software is one of the most impactful software asset management (SAM) solutions. This tool lets you smartly optimize software usage and ensure your licenses comply with licensing agreements. 

Salient Features of Alloy Software

  • The tool enables organizations to comply with software licensing regulations.
  • The tool allows companies to reduce their software licensing costs by efficiently tracking license expiration and renewals.    

15. Lansweeper

Lansweeper helps organizations effortlessly discover all software assets throughout their workplaces. This impactful software licensing tool allows businesses to reduce their software licensing costs. 

It also allows organizations to increase efficiency, overcome manual errors, and proactively manage various associated risks.  

Salient Features of Lansweeper

  • The tool enables businesses to discover, manage, and optimize software assets under one roof.
  • It helps companies reduce their overall IT costs by avoiding unnecessary software purchases.  

What Are The Key Types of Software Licenses?

Here are the key types of software licenses, including

  • Freeware
  • Shareware
  • Permissive Licenses
  • Subscription-Based License
  • Proprietary Licenses

Wrapping Up

We expect you to appreciate our detailed guide, which discusses the top 15 software license management tools. These tools allow businesses to streamline their license management systems to the next level. 

Effective software license management is the key for organizations willing to optimize their productivity, growth, and revenues in the long run. Therefore, take advantage of the software license management tools mentioned above and effortlessly automate your IT operations.  

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