Application (Pro)

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Admin can sell the digital application with licenses by attaching the zip file of the application to be sold along with the license. Admin also has the option to add versions of the application. On the Dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce → Applications and click on the Add New button.

This will open the Application Page, enter the name of the application and select the application type from the drop-down menu. Click on Save.

  • Navigate to the Application Releases on the right sider-bar.
  • Click on the ➕ sign.
  • Enter the Version in the Version text-box.
  • Enter a file by clicking on the Choose File button of Release file.
  • Enter a short description of amendments in this version in the text-box of Changelog. 
  • Enter the version on which your application is tested within the text-field of Test up to.
  • Enter the minimum WordPress version required to run your application in the text-field of the Minimum WordPress version.
  • Enter the minimum PHP version required to run your application in the text-field of the Minimum PHP version.
  • Select the Stable Release from the drop-down menu text-box.
  • Enter short description of the application in the Short Description text-box.
  • Enter the documentation of the application in the Documentation text-box.
  • Enter the support information about the application in the Support text-box.
  • Click on the ➕ Add button to upload the File image and Description in the Gallery.

The saved application will appear in the Applications table.

In the Products section, go to All Products, click on the Add New button to create a new product or Edit any existing product.

  • Navigate to the Product Data → License Manager.
  • Navigate to the Select Application.
  • Select the application from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Update button.

Impact On Product page

All the other descriptions will be displayed in sections below

  • After the user placed the order successfully.
  • Navigate to the My Account → License Key.
  • Click on the View button.
  • Navigate to the Downloads section , where the user can see the Version and Release Date of the application and can download them by clicking on the Download button.

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Application (Pro)

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