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The plugin will also create a .htaccess file in the above-mentioned directory. This file is used to disable direct browser access to the folder, preventing unwanted visitors from seeing your cryptographic secrets.

However, if your server is running NGINX instead of Apache, then the file is completely ignored. In this case you can either manually create a NGINX directive, or follow the guide in the optimization subsection (recommended).

We recommend that you move the cryptographic secrets into the configuration file of your WordPress website, also known as „wp-config.php“. This will reduce the amount of requests to the server file system and move the cryptographic secrets to a safer place.

To do this, open the wp-config.php file and add the following lines to it:

[php] define('LMFWC_PLUGIN_SECRET', 'secret.txt');
define('LMFWC_PLUGIN_DEFUSE', 'defuse.txt'); [/php]

Replace secret.txt and defuse.txt with their file contents, respectively. Afterwards, create a backup of these two files somewhere safe (if you haven’t already) and delete the lmfwc-files directory completely.

If your license keys are not visible anymore, then something went wrong. You can always restore the files and remove the two added lines to revert the changes.

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